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E800 Series

Product description
By blocking design, the system function is enriched built-in EMI filter is optional, advanced EMC design is adopted. The product has the feature of compact in frame, new in shape. E800 series is a kind of high-quality multifunction drives that can meet wide-ranging application.

Product characteristics

⊙ All I/O channels programmable, two 12 Bit analogue inputs, to concatenate each other.

⊙ Build in PID controller, with specific HVAC functions.

⊙ MDOBUS interface, for inverter control,for readingsetting of all inverter I/Os. In this way, the inverter hardware can be implemented in subordinated control systems.

⊙ Control mode: VVVF for induction motor.

         Sensorless vector control for PMSM.

⊙ With auto carrier-frequency adjust, auto voltage adjust, fast current limitingspeed track functions.

⊙ PC-software, for diagnosis, controlinverter programming.

Application industry

Water supply, waste water treatment, fanpumps, booster stations heathing, air conditioning, building automation, agriculture, irrigation systems, material handling, conveyor belts, screw compressors, vacum pumps, blower, HVAC Retrofit/energy optimizing.