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E2000 Series

Product description
The newest generation of inverters : general purpose, for wide range applications, from the simpliest speed control to the most complex process automation system. Modular concept, easy configurable,a lot of different setup parameters make this inverter series suitable for the high volume OEM-marketsingle applications as well. Assembled on modern high speed lines, using high quality components from first class vendors. This is the guarantee for cost efficiency, reliabilityabsolute quality. Green production: through environmentally friendly operating processes, a must, for a product which final destination is protecting the environment by saving energyresources. All products are compliant with international standards.CE,UL individual approvals, performedcertified by independent bodies, give the customer the trust in a world class product.
Product characteristics

⊙ Flexible I/O handling: All hardware I/O channels are programmable,can be assigned to various functions.

⊙ Two 12BIT analogue input channels: Independent, with possibility to concatenate each other via programmable mathematical functions.

⊙ Display: configurable, to show operating parameters, program parameter valuesfault codes.

⊙ Serial communication link: RS485 (MODBUS) for inverter control,I/O channel control, inverter parameter settingsaving, diagnosisremote control via PC-software.

⊙ Smart software functions: Build in PID controller, multi pump control (Master/Slave), multiple parameter set, selectable Acc./Decel. ramp set′s, S-ramp function, Read/Set of all I/O hardware channels via MODBUS, autocycling multifrequency control, intelligent overloadfault handling, including fault memory, fanPWM-frequency controlled by temperature, programmable autoreset/autorestart options, catch on the fly functionI/O diagnosis.immunity to transient power failure,optimizde DC braking mode, twomotors switchover,inhibition of current oscillation at low frequency,quicksmooth rotation direction switchover,special dormancy function.Smart current-limitvoltage-limit at starting status.

⊙ Useful options availaible: Remote panel, different brake resistors for all different kind of load conditions, fieldbus interface modules, clone module (parameters copy box) four pluggable communication terminal.EtherCATCANopen option.

Application industry

E2000 series are widely used in the industries of process-automation, machine-tools, fanpumps, building automation, material handling, automotive, textile, dyeing, printing, packaging, robotics, centrifugal, woodprocessing, foodbeverage, cemical industry, oilgas, public-community, steel-mill, miningretrofit.