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Mobile terminal

HFR2000 Series

Product description
HFR2000 adopts three input wiressix output wires design, with output-current token function,on-line monitoring motor current, to realize motor over-load protection. The jogging control function can be used in worksite debugging. Air cooling design ensures system stable running. It is characteristic of convenient connection, smooth startingmotor protectionis widely applicable for startingprotection of three-phase motors in various industries.
Product characteristics

Startup mode:

--Current limiting startup: low down the start voltagelimit the start current by keypad settingrandom adjusting.

--Voltage ramp startup: smooth start for motor, reduce the concussion of electric network by start current.

--Kick startup

--Jogging startup

Stop mode:

--Free stop

--Soft stop

Control mode:

--Keypad control, terminal controlModbus control

System control function:

--The outputinput connect point can be the programmable point, internal intelligentized programs can check the status of drive-system.

--Standard internal port (MODBUS) can realize PC/PLC control.

--LED display, operator can set all the parameterprogram by keypad control.

--Keypad controlremote control.

--Delay relay output function

--Malfunction output relay function

--One softstarter control more than one motor. System protection function

--Over current protection

--Over load protection

--Out phase protection

--Over heat protection

Application industry

HFR2000 are widely used in the industries of distribution equipment, metallurgy, chemical, minebuilding,so on.