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EP66 Series

Product description
In harsh conditions, prevent dust of other thing from entering inverter totally. Completely protected against jets of waterheavy waves. Meeting EN 60529 standard.

Product characteristics

High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP technology


⊙ Drive optimization by smart, build in AUTOTUNING-functions, precise sensorless vector control algorithm.

⊙ High starting torque at low speed, high precisiontorque performance, adjustable to all different kind of load characteristics

⊙ Speed / torque control modes

⊙ Kinds of torque compensation mode in VVVF control mode.

⊙ Sensorless vector control for PMSM

Application industry

EP66 series inverters can be used in harsh conditions, it can completely protected against jets of waterheavy waves. This series are widely used in the industries of process-automation, machine-tools, fanpumps, building automation, material handling, automotive, textile, dyeing, printing, packaging, robotics, centrifugal, woodprocessing, foodbeverage, cemical industry, oilgas, public-community, steel-mill, miningretrofit.