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EM30 Series

Product description

EM30 is developed for special enviornment, such as high humidity, powder, high viberation. It can work with induction motor and PM motor. The motor-mounted design is flexiable for all kind of motor.

Product characteristics

• High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP-technology V/Hz, SENSORLESS VECTOR, PMM synchronous motor mode - SPEED/TORQUE control Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy set-up

• Rugged construction, all metal enclosure, thermally decoupled from motor, IP67/NEMA4, shock proof (4G)

• Flexible configurable man/machine interface - fieldbus capability

• Numerous functions, to make it suitable for all kind of industrial and residential applications, and for retrofit as well

• Smart PC-tools, for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting. Parameter-duplication stick

Application industry

pump, gearbox, fan, conveyor, hay mower. etc