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Mobile terminal


Product description

SD20-G Series Servo Drives is a high performance drive particularly suitable for general use. It has a 1.2kHz frequency response with a full closed loop functionality. The feedback options are incremental encoder, absolute encoder and resolver

Available for full close loop control, multi-stage control, fixed-length cutting, gain switch

Built-in PLC is open for customer to make simple programming.

Product characteristics

• Full closed loop control or multi-position control or interrupted position control

• Gantry synchronization

• Gain switching

• Frequency response 1.2kHz

• Dual-core processors

• 23-bit absolute encoder

• Built-in PLC Function

• Pulse command Frequency up to 4Mhz

• RS485/232 interface connected to PC Software

Application industry

CNC machine tool, packaging machine, textile machine, wooden machine, etc