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Mobile terminal


Product description

SD20-G Series Servo Drives is a high performance drive particularly suitable for general use. It has a 3.0kHz frequency response, which could meet the wide range of customer's requirement. The feedback options are incremental encoder, absolute encoder and resolver.

The rich functionality includes full close loop, multi-position control, gain switchover, moving fixed-length cutting, etc.

Built-in PLC is open for customer to make simple programming.

Power range: 0.1-110Kw

Product characteristics

● Faster

→ Frequency response 3.0kHz

→ 23-bit absolute encoder, 8.38M pulse per round

→ Dual-core processor, smooth motor control, no viberation at stop, faster response

● User friendly

→ Simple manu display

→ DB connector is easy for wiring

● More Intelligent

→ The optimal performance can be realized by gain autotuning, inertia autotuning, and notch filter setting

→ Different command resource helps commissioning at site

● More Powerful

→ Built-in PLC and electronic CAM function

→ Smart PC software

→ Max pulse fequency of 4MHz

→ high-speed DI terminal

● more functionality

→ Full close loop control and gantry synchronization

→ moving fixed-length cutting

→ gain switching

→ multi-position control

→ Homing position searching

→ Software protection of overrange

→ Vibration suppression

→ Battery under-voltage protection

→ Online rotating interia identification

Application industry

CNC machine tool, packaging machine, textile machine, wooden machine, etc

All application to upgrade or replace frequency inverter, stepper motor, cylinder, hydraulic, etc