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Product description

SD20-E Series Servo Drives is a high performance drive particularly suitable for general use. It has a 3.2kHz frequency response, which could meet the wide range of customer's requirement. The feedback options are incremental encoder, absolute encoder and resolver.

The rich functionality includes full close loop, multi-position control, gain switchover, moving fixed-length cutting, etc.

Built-in PLC is open for customer to make simple programming.

Built-in EtherCAT or CANopen communication as option

Power range: 0.1~110Kw


Dual-core processor, hardware current loop,16KHz position loop and 16KHz speed loop helps to double the performance, compeared to the last generation.

Passed EtherCAT CTT test, SD20-E has better compatibility to work with different brands of PLC or automation controller.

Bidirectiona data transmission can reach 100Mbps. The min communication cycle is 250uS.

Thanks to the gain autotuning function and model feedforward control, no matter there is gain tuning command or not, it helps customers to easily make gain autotuning, and simple commissioning.

Product characteristics

● Faster

→ Frequency response 3.2KHz

→ 23-bit absolute encoder, 8.38M pulse per round

→ Dual-core processor, smooth motor control, no viberation at stop, faster response

● User friendly

→ Simple manu display

→ DB connector is easy for wiring

● More Intelligent

→ The optimal performance can be realized by gain autotuning, inertia autotuning, and notch filter setting

→ Different command resource helps commissioning at site

● More Powerful

→ Built-in PLC and electronic CAM function

→ Smart PC software

→ Max pulse fequency of 4MHz

→ high-speed DI terminal

● more functionality

→ Full close loop control and gantry synchronization

→ moving fixed-length cutting

→ gain switching

→ multi-position control

→ Homing position searching

→ Software protection of overrange

→ Vibration suppression

→ Battery under-voltage protection

→ Online rotating interia identification

Application industry

CNC machine tool, packaging machine, textile machine, wooden machine, etc